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New Orleans, LA

Hi, My name is Terry Gillis and my passion for music and singing started at a very young age.  I was so blown away about the sound of a piano, that I wanted one for myself.  My Grandma's neighbor had a very old upright piano in her home and each day I would visit her and ask to play it.  When I reached the age of 14 years old, and really not knowing how to read notes, I often came up with songs I had heard on the radio and would put my own twist to them. 

I had such a strong desire to make music that I would go to choir practice each week so that I could continue to get better and better, not knowing that I would use my gifts later in life to glorify God and His Kingdom above!  I would often dream about singing Gospel music, and playing in a great band so I could record my music in a world-class studio.  Gospel music was my passion and it began to uplift me during rough and sad times in my life that were soon to come.

My life began to unravel when my mom died.  She was my best friend, my rock, the one person who didn't judge me and loved me for who I was.  When she passed away my whole world began to fall apart.  I ran away from family and friends, not wanting to deal with all the pain I was going through.  I no longer found joy in music and I began to reach out in dark places looking for someone or something to fill the void. I searched and searched until I ended up homeless on the streets of New Orleans.

I had never experienced such hardships in my life, but 
through it all, God kept His hands on me!   I wanted a better life and knew that I could go back to the Father if I repented of my sins and ask Him for His forgiveness. He later lead me to the doors of the New Orleans Mission where I began to find hope and peace and joy. He began to nourish and cultivate and restore the gifts He had already started in me at a very young age. I found that passion and drive I had once lost and began to make music again.  I surrendered all my hurts, fears, doubt and pain, and watched as God began to use me as a vessel.  

Then one day God gave me the opportunity of a lifetime when I was asked to participate in a jam session to write a song with an audience of over 300 people as my co-writers!  With the help of some of the best musicians in Louisiana along with the inspiration of my Heavenly Father, we wrote a great song in the most amazing jam session and songwriting experience I could have ever imagined.  It has been a most unlikely journey that has led me to this wonderful song and I am so very proud and honored to give you "On This Road Less Traveled".
Over 300 Audience Members Helped Terry Write the Song