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Copyright Hit Me America, All Rights Reserved
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15 Original Songs Written with Music Fans in Groundbreaking Jam Sessions
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1. MEET ME AT THE CROSSROADS - Written by Eli Seals with bikers from across America at the Legendary Buffalo Chip
2. FUNKY TRAIN - Written by Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara with the locals at Surfer's Rehab Bar and Grill in Slidell, LA
3. REBOUND ROADTRIP - Written by TJ Zino, Todd Adams and Josh Sharrard with tourists and fans at Spirits on Bourbon in the world famous New Orleans French Quarter
4. HARD TIMES DON'T HIT ME NO MORE - Written by Eli Seals, Rockin' Dopsie Jr, and Ewell Smith with the Homeless at the New Orleans Mission
5. I'LL MEET YOU IN THE NEW JERUSALEM - Written by Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara with the congregation at his local church
6. CELEBRATE THE DAY - Written by Aziza and the Cure (River Rouen & Joelle Britt) at home with family and friends
7. DARE ME - Written by Brett and Anna Weller with the staff and friends at Mizado Cocina in New Orleans, LA
8. CHURCH OF THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE - Written by Thom Shepherd and Brian Collins with a few friends at Grits Bar in uptown New Orleans, LA
9. MARY'S LANDING - Written by Eli Seals with the locals and fans at The Landing Bar and Grill in Slidell, LA
10. WE'RE STILL HERE - Written by Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara with the residents of a local assisted living facility
11. ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED - Written by homeless veteran Terry Gillis with the help of over 300 audience members at the New Orleans Jazz Market
12. EASY BREEZY - Written by Rockin' Dopsie Jr, Steve Blaze, Lynn Drury, and Scott Lee Tully with the kids and staff at Children's Hospital
13. HOT LOVE SUNDAE - Written by Scott Lee Tully at the iconic Morning Call Coffee Stand in New Orleans' City Park
14. A MAN IN A CHEVY - Written by Michael "The Sheik" O'Hara with the sales staff and customers at Rainbow Chevrolet
15. WHEN I GET THERE - Written by Lynn Drury with her fans and friends at Cafe Istanbul, New Orleans
"Rock The House" Album Notes
All songs written in Hit Me America Jam Sessions, Copyright, Steven Scaffidi and Hit Me America, All Rights Reserved
Produced by: Steven Scaffidi, Elton Jones, John Autin and Brad Bohannan
Co-Producer on "Easy Breezy": Mark Carson
Recorded at Studio in the Country - Engineer Ben Mumphrey
Recorded at Rabadash Studios - Engineer Marc Hewitt
Additional Recording by Engineer Kip O'Connor
Production by Ghost Rider Pictures, Producer/Director - Steven Scaffid
Guest Musicians: Patrick Williams (blues harp), Chris Lacinak (drums), Reed Alleman (guitar and harmonica), Jody Mayeux (guitar), Dustin Hymel (guitar), Ruth Ann Kerr (keyboard), Debbie Pennington (drums), Dr. Robert Miles Jr. (percussion), Chuck Perkins (keyboard), and others.